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Amida Zushi Wood Buddha Shidai Statue and Altar in gold lacquered ware with - Japan - (1600-1868) (Edo Period) 


(Urushi) Japanese lacquer, or urushi, is a transformative and highly prized material that has been refined for over 7000 years. Cherished for its infinite versatility, urushi is a distinctive art form that has spread across all facets of Japanese culture from the tea ceremony to modern abstract sculpture.



The word “urushi” is said to come from two Japanese words — “uruosu”, which means “to moisten,” and “uruwashi” meaning beautiful. Before urushi was used as a lacquer, tipsof spears were dipped in it to make them stronger and it was also discovered to be a durable adhesive.


Authentic in every way with minor peeling of the coating as one might expect for a true antique of possibly over 400 years.


The door of the temple is slightly damaged (see pictures).


Size - Zushi - 12.2×8.4×19.5 cm
Buddha - 4.5×2.9×9.2 cm

Beautiful Amida Buddha Shidai Statue 17th Century

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