This is an original Soviet Pioneers Poster.


Original folds. Condition is very good with slight wear on the folds and some minor damage on the edges.


size 59 x 89 cm


Publication detail In Russian and English


7 из серии «Законы юных пионеров» 7 from the series Laws of Young Pioneers


Издательство «Изобразительное искусство» Publishing "Visual Arts"


Художник В. Сачков. Редактор С. Кочанов. Artist V. Sachkov. Editor S. Kochanov.


A04541 от 14/І - 71 г. изд. A04541 from 14/I - 71 year ed.


тираж 175000 (В Подборке 75000). Заказ 70. Цене 10 коп 8-2-2/71 Circulation: 175,000 (In Selection 75000). Order 70. Price 10 cop 8-2-2 / 71


г. калинин, полигграфкомбинат, проспект Ленина, 5. Kalinin, polygraph plant, Lenin Avenue, 5.

Ussr Propaganda Poster: True Pioneers Follow The Heroes Of Struggle And Labour

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