This is a rare colour variation on the regular Indian blue, its known as a peach. A very rare bird to find. 

Truly stunning colours and a show stopping design pieces for the home, retail or business setting.

The bird is currently mounted on a decorative turned base extravagant stand / base.

This is an Excellent overall quality 'Piebald' or 'Leucistic' white coloured Indian Peacock taxidermy mount. It has a beautiful blend of colours ranging from greens and blues to white. The coloration and overall appearance of this peacock is wonderful. All applicable dimensions are included to help ensure this item will fit within your intended display space.

The unique white coloration in this peacock is caused from genetic leucism. Leucism is defined as a reduction in the pigmentation of animals skin caused by a recessive allele. Unlike albinism which is a reduction in just melanin, leucism is characterised by a reduction in all kinds of skin pigment(s).

Conservation status - of least concern not listed on IUCN Red List or CITIES as threatened or endangered and is offered for sale without the need for papers or a permit in the UK with regard to wildlife.

Please rest assured that this bird was not killed for the purposes of taxidermy.

The peacock dimensions: H 166cm x W 26cm across to wings x D 70cm taken from the stand to the base of the tail.

Stand / Base Dimensions: H 100cm x B 28cm diameter 

bottom 22cm diameter at top where his feet are mounted.

About the Peacock Latin Name: (Pavo cristatus)

The Indian Peacock (or "peafowl") is the largest bird in the pheasant family. Though peacock can be found in habitats all over the world, their origin is in India. While both genders of bird are large, the male is larger, and displays brighter colours and feathers to attract mates and to distract predators from the females, who often tend to the young. Their Diet consists mostly of seeds, fruits and insects.

Rare Taxidermy Peacock Bird on an Antique Stand

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