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Plain matte black water buffalo skull - Bubalus Bubalis - Original and authentic – Bone

We offer you this beautiful, matte black, natural uncarved buffalo skull. It comes with rope to attach to a wall.


The horns will be detached for transport purposes, and are easily reattached.

There is also a drawstring attached to the skull so that it can be mounted on a wall.

The horns are always packed on the bottom of the box, underneath the skull. Please make sure to remove the horns before discarding the packaging.


Since it is a natural skull, it might have some natural minimal cracks and crevices in both the skull and the horns. This is normal. Please refer to pictures.


Cleaned professionally, but sometimes minor discolouration still occurs on the teeth. This is natural and normal, and not something we can do a lot about. Please refer to the pictures.



Height: 79 cm

Width: 73 cm

Plain matte black Water Buffalo Skull

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