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Beautiful authentic African cattle hides.

As unique as a fingerprint, every one of our specially selected magnificent hides is completely individual, finished to an international standard and suitable for all interiors.

Our Nguni hides come in a rich assortment of colours and patterns, predominately black, white and brown as well as the unusual tricoloured and spectacular dun, or grey-gold tan colour. Traditionally, in Zulu culture, all of the varying hide patterns have a Zulu name closely associated to an animal, bird, plant or natural wonder.


Sustainably sourced from Nguni cattle in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa, these cattle roam freely around the natural habitat of wide-open planes and grassland farms. The Nguni cattle are beef cattle farmed by small scale farmers, and the hides are a by-product which would otherwise be disposed of. By supporting these farmers, we help feed their families and add to economic sustainability of South Africa, a country where poverty and unemployment are extremely high.


Unlike the South American Long Horn cattle which contribute to endangering the rainforests to make way for their grazing pastures, the dry South African environment is naturally suited to the sustainability and wellbeing of the indigenous Nguni cattle.


From country farm house to office to modern city apartment, our beautiful rugs are versatile, highly decorative and suited to all interiors, adding a rich focal point to any room.


Hot poker River Stone - 2.17m x 2.04m

Hot poker River Stone Beautiful authentic African cattle hides.

  • Shipping and delivery to the UK, EU and Worldwide is possible, contact us for a quote. We can then allocate an appropriate carrier to ensure your purchase arrives with you in tip top condition.

    International tax and import duties levied locally are the responsibility of the buyer.

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