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Helena Tynnell - Riihimaki - A Pikku Matti series Isoisa glass decanter, circa 1969, moulded as a "Grandfather" in clear glass with clear stopper, height 21.5cm


NB - The Pikku Matti series is based on Topelius’s story about Matti, a boy whose parents had passed away and was raised by his grandparents. Upon hearing that the regional governor was to pass by their house Matti decided he would need to wear fine clothes, but all of his were ragged. His grandmother adapted some of the boy’s father’s old clothes to fit him, and the boy stood outside in his ill-fitting clothes to wave at the governor. Upon spotting the boy, the governor ordered his coach to stop, and he asked the boy about himself. Feeling touched at the effort he had made, the governor took the boy and his family under his wing, all living happily ever after.


Helena Tynell (1918–2016) has designed many classics for the Finnish Riihimäen Lasi glassworks. Some of the most well-known objects are the sculptural decanters from 1969. They come with uni-colored glass, lid and humorous expression. The four bottles are characters from the Finnish author Zacharias Topelius’ children story ”Small Matti”. Each decanter were accompanied with small schnapps glass. The series was in production until 1971.


Inspired by a Finnish children's TV cartoon this decanter is from the Riihimaen Lasi Oy "Pikku Matti" or "Little Matt" collection. This decanter is of the "Grandfather" character.


This art glass decanter is 100% neat and flawless, it was only in production in 1970, so there aren't many on the market - especially complete. Our example no longer retains the original label shown.


Condition report: Excellent



21.5 cm

Helena Tynnell For Riihimaki. A Pikku Matti Series Isoisa Glass Decanter, Circa

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